Special QM Seminar Speaker Luca Delacretaz (University of Chicago) Thursday, January 16, 2 pm in 325 LeConte hall

Time/Venue Thursday, January 16, 2 pm in 325 LeConte hall
Ehud Altman
Absence of Diffusion on the Edge
The edge of a FQH droplet supports gapless excitations that are protected by a U(1) anomaly. At small but finite temperature, diffusive spreading is expected to occur around the chiral ballistic front. I will show that this chiral diffusive fixed point is never stable. Hydrodynamic long-time tails give large corrections to dissipative transport on the edge, leading to a breakdown of diffusion and driving the edge to a dissipative fixed point in the KPZ universality class. Translation invariance is not assumed.
This rather simple setup presents several striking features: (i) a hydrodynamic theory describes a condensed matter system, but the long lived collective excitation is not momentum, and (ii) a quantum anomaly has dramatic consequences, leading to (iii) large hydrodynamic long-time tails.

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