Special QM Seminar Speaker Etienne Lantagne-Hurtubise (UBC) Friday November 13, 2:00 pm Pacific Time

Host Ehud Altman
Time/Venue Friday November 13, 2:00 pm Pacific Time via this Zoom link
Talk Title Coupled SYK models: black holes, wormholes and superconductors
Abstract I will summarize our recent explorations of the intriguing physics of coupled SYK models, which were predicted by Maldacena and Qi to harbor a phase of matter dual to an eternal traversable wormhole. I will first discuss the finite-temperature dynamical properties of the Maldacena-Qi model, which exhibits revival oscillations in the transmission of fermions between the two SYK models, and explain their relation to the conformal structure of the model’s excitations. I will then generalize this story to an analogous complex fermion model with a global U(1) symmetry and explore its phase diagram, which turns out to be even richer than its Majorana counterpart. Finally, I will discuss how our results inform proposals for realizations of SYK physics in disordered graphene flakes and, if time permits, give an overview of ongoing work on superconducting instabilities in spinful SYK models with time-reversal symmetry.

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